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Environmentally Friendly Epoxy Resins

NC-3000 series and NC-2000-L are offered as environmentally friendly epoxy resins for electronic materials
which require lead-free soldering and halogen-free flame retardance.

Each of the epoxy resins have structures classified as phenol-aralkyl, in which the phenolic group is connected with rigid biphenyl or phenyl groups, the aromatic density is high and the molecular weight between cross-linking points is large.

NC-3000 series and NC-2000-L are highly flame-retardant, contributing to the elimination of/reduction in the use of halogenated flame retardants which have damaging environmental impact.  In recent years, exceptional flame retardant properties have allowed for the expansion in usage of NC-3000 beyond electronic materials and into a variety of applications, such as composite materials.

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